The Sunflower Fund Campaign 2018

The Sunflower Fund (TSF), non-profit organisation, is a donor recruitment centre and registry. They fight blood diseases like leukaemia through the recruitment of stem cell donors and maintaining a registry of potential donors committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant. They fundraise to cover the cost of education and awareness about the need for and the process to become a blood stem cell donor as well as to cover the cost of the HLA tissue-typing test involved in the recruitment of donors.

The Sunflower Fund also maintains a patient support fund to assist patients who are unable to afford costs associated with getting to transplant as well as being actively involved in creating a platform for support structures to assist patients, families and communities.

To cover the costs involved in recruiting blood stem cell donors and finding a lifesaving match for a patient, TSF runs campaigns such as Sunflower Day.



1 August – 30 September 2018

Sunflower Day is celebrated across South Africa on 21 September.
ICPA and participating ICPA Pharmacies, as part of our social responsibility, are very proud to be the EXCLUSIVE pharmacy representatives of this well-known fund.

The Sunflower Fund & ICPA already started planning for this Campaign in 2017! The KwaZulu-Natal Regional Branch has been the driving force of this project in previous years and it is time to take this worthy cause nationwide!


No leukaemia patient should die because there is no match!

ICPA and TSF (The Sunflower Fund) collaborate in a wonderfully energetic, mutually beneficial manner because we share similar beliefs:

  •   People and their dreams,
    •   Truth, fairness, consistency and integrity
    •   Compassion, generosity and concern for the needs and aspirations of others
    •    Respect and tolerance for cultural, religious, political and other differences


The impact of our collaboration

Our common focus message for Sunflower Day will promote foot traffic into ICPA pharmacies by the sale of TOPES. Working together we will reach new customers, new donors and share platforms for education, awareness, support and recruitment.

Media and PR publicity to drive foot traffic will include:
•   TV (where possible and media dependent the ICPA logo will appear on the Sunflower Day 30” PSA).
•   Radio (interview mentions as a distributor).
•   Print (mentioned as a distribution point).
•   Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as TSF website.

List of participating pharmacies on the TSF website
The Sunflower Fund national newsletter (30 000 recipients)

Pharmed have once again committed to do stockholding and distribution of the TOPES (Tubes of Hope) for ICPA and will be printing posters for in-store display.


What do you need to do take part?

  1. Place an order for a box of 50 topes from Pharmed – R1500 incl. Click [HERE] for the Pharmed order form. Pharmed willing to sell COD if you do not have an account.
  2. Request a poster from Pharmed – donor forms are in each mixed Topes box. Click [HERE]to view (and print) all the posters.
  3. Put the poster up and display the colourful topes prominently in-store. The Topes retail for R30 incl. each
  4. Encourage your staff to donate & wear a tope in support of leukaemia sufferers
  5. Let ICPA Head Office know that you are participating so that we can add you to the Sunflower Fund website:

For the really enthusiastic and community-oriented pharmacies, you can take part in a Schools Competition, recruitment of stem cell donors and download a Corporate Toolkit to market to companies in your area


What do I need to do to promote the Schools Competition?

  1. Contact the schools in your area & send the Sunflower Flyer.
    Click [HERE] for the Schools Competition Flyer.
  2. The school registers on the Sunflower fund website
  3. Learners & teachers then purchase their Topes from your pharmacy. Wear them on Sunflower Day and take photographs to be submitted to The Sunflower Fund.
  4. All registered schools are entered into a competition for wonderful prizes for the winning school.
  5. Schools Competition winners will be announced on 28 September 2018.
  6. For more information schools can email call 021 701 0661.


What do I need to do to create awareness about blood stem cell donors?

  1. Create awareness in your pharmacy for donors on Sunflower day
  2. INSERT PHARMACY NAME> and other independent pharmacies around the country are helping to save lives during The Sunflower Day Campaign from 1 August – 30 September.  The Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA) in collaboration with The Sunflower Fund, are coordinating this important community initiative.

Every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood disease, such as leukaemia.  And every 10 minutes, blood cancer takes a precious life.  A blood stem cell transplant, most often from an unrelated donor, is the life-saving treatment for a second chance at life. Chances of finding a match is 1 in 100 000!  Register as a blood stem cell donor.  YOU may be the ONE to help save a life. Consider putting down your name to receive information about becoming a donor in the pharmacy and visit for more information.

Click  HERE for the ICPA bag stuffer in Word to allow your own branding. 

  1. Collect Stem Cell donor info flyers (available in each box of Topes) and send into TSF who will contact the potential donor.


•    Between 18 – 45 years of age
•    Weigh more than 50kgs
•    Have a BMI of less than 40
•    Lead a healthy lifestyle and
•    Willing to help any patient in need



  1. Click [HERE] for the US Fact Sheet – holds true for South Africa.

The African diaspora is one of the under-represented groups in the world-wide stem cell donor pool. Consequently patients of African and mixed ancestry in need of stem cell transplantation have struggled to find donors. It is therefore of critical importance to ensure that South Africa has an ethnically diverse source of potential blood stem cell donors committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving transplant.

  1. The Sunflower Fund donor info click [HERE]



Participating pharmacies will be entered into regional and national competitions.

The pharmacy that sells the most Topes in their province will each win a money voucher and will then be automatically entered into the national competition. The pharmacy that wins the national competition will win a laptop computer for their pharmacy.

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