ICPA Office

ICPA Office

The office team is committed to delivering stellar support to all pharmacy members and ICPA partners. The Office is collectively passionate about putting independent pharmacies at the forefront of healthcare in South Africa.

Jackie Maiman


The CEO of ICPA is Jackie Maimin. She was a founding Directory of ICPA and then become CEO in 2012 for 2 years. After doing consultancy work on pharmacy services for just over 2 years, she is now back with ICPA as of 1 April 2017.

Jackie is very involved in the pharmacy world. She is an EXCO member of the CWP branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of South African Association (PSSA) of Community Pharmacies (SAACP). She is an elected member of the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) and currently is Chairperson of the Practice Committee.

Tracey Walters

Office Manager

Tracey Walters is the ICPA Office Manager and has over 25 years’ experience in this field having worked for USAP prior to her appointment with ICPA. She has worked with some of the legends of the South African pharmacy sector and brings heritage and smooth administrative skills to the ICPA. Her institutional memory and organisational skills make her a real ICPA asset.

Denise Carolussen

Office Administrator

Denise Carolussen provides general office support, answering member and industry queries, managing the ICPA databases and conducting market research. Her attention to detail and excellent co-ordination skills make her the right person for this precision driven position. Denise is also the main recruitment officer for ICPA membership and as such is the first point of contact for new members.

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