ICPA Pharmacy Network

About ICPA Network

The ICPA network of independent pharmacies is committed to delivering one-on-one care solutions to all its patients.
Today, the rise of empowered patients continues to move primary healthcare to fit specific and unique patients needs, rather than disjointed relationships between a patient and their pharmacist.

An ICPA pharmacy will do everything possible treat each individual patient according to their unique needs, making your visit to the pharmacy much more than just collecting medication. It is a relationship for an important area of your health.

Patient-Pharmacist Relationship

IPCA network pharmacies offer the perfect solution for patients who value their relationship with the healthcare professional and want the continuation of quality, relevant and personalised care.

Choosing an independent pharmacist, you have peace of mind that your pharmacist knows your medical history, what works for you, what your family situation may be and what your unique requirements are.

Putting patients first is at the centre of everything the ICPA network does, delivering quality care for one of the most sensitive areas of your life, personalised primary medicine and health.

Many independent pharmacies have been in business for 20+ years and continue personal relationships with all patients and their extended family, making the “patient-pharmacist” relationship one that lasts for a lifetime.


Find your local independent pharmacist and the best quality care perfect for you and your family

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