WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 31 May 2017 – Pharmacists Against Tobacco

During the month of May participating ICPA pharmacies should create some activity in the pharmacy that highlights the ICPA campaign, ‘Pharmacists Against Tobacco’ and supports World No Tobacco Day (WNTD).

Herewith two posters for your use:

Support the ICPA Love You To Stop Facebook page. Follow the link here and share away. ICPA members are welcome to use any content they wish from the page for their social media sites.

“Air Your Views” Survey Results

A BIG thank you to members that completed the ICPA survey.

According to our members the following results indicate what is important to the average pharmacy owner.

  1. Medical Aids:
    The main focus of ICPA must be on opening up DSPs and stopping penalty co-pays.
  2. Finance:
    Members require good credit card rates.
  3. Value-Add services that ICPA should investigate include:
    • Public Private Partnerships such as state family planning and baby immunisation
    • New pharmacy services such as MUR, smoking cessation services
  4. ICPA initiatives that add value for members:
    • Campaigns such as the diabetes campaign
    • Info Flashes

Date: August 24, 2017

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