Pharmacy Month – Use Medicines Wisely

Pharmacy Month – Use Medicines Wisely

September is Pharmacy Month

Pharmacy Month is a unique opportunity to market the pharmacy profession across the country, bringing together pharmacists from all sectors to communicate the value that our profession brings in the provision of quality healthcare.

This year’s theme of Use Medicines Wisely is aimed at educating the public regarding the importance of using medicine correctly to achieve quality healthcare results.

There are four sub-themes to complement the main theme:

1. Know your medicine;

2. Store your medicines correctly;

3. Travel safely with your medicines; and

4. Talk to your pharmacist.

Click [HERE] for the Pharmacy Month poster.

Click [HERE] for the Pharmacy Month flyer.

Posters and flyers are available in all official languages from the SAPC website link:

Date: September 6, 2018