The following is an extract from the OMSMAF Member guide regarding choice of pharmacy for their members:

Which service providers should I use?

Currently, you may use a service provider, i.e. pharmacist, licensed doctor, etc., of your choice to obtain authorised chronic medicine. Although you are free to use any service provider, including your local pharmacy, the Fund has appointed the following designated service providers that have contracted to dispense acute and chronic medicine at the Fund’s agreed dispensing fees:

• Clicks Retail Pharmacies
• Dis-Chem
• Medi-Rite Pharmacies
• Pick n Pay PharmaciesCourier
• Pharmacy Direct
• Clicks Direct Medicines: Courier to member’s selected address, where no Clicks Retail Pharmacy is available locally.

ICPA queried the non-inclusion of Independent Pharmacies in the DSP arrangement with the Fund. The response was that this is not an exclusionary arrangement and that Independent Pharmacies that are willing to dispense at the DSP rate of 28%/R28 may service OMSMAF members and there will not be a penalty co-payment that some schemes levy. This is certainly in the spirit of the position that ICPA holds and which was made in the submission to the Council for Medical Schemes.

You will have to make a business decision based on your unique circumstances whether to participate or not. Should you decide to participate then we advise you to inform your OMSMAF clients of this so as to retain your patient base.

Date: September 22, 2017