The Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA) was formed in May 2011 following the amalgamation of the United South African Pharmacies (USAP), the SA Progressive Pharmacy Association (SAPPA) and owners of independent community pharmacy not aligned with either of these associations, to provide independent community pharmacy with collective strength and a coherent voice that is heard by government, medical schemes, pharmaceutical suppliers and importantly, the consumer.

ICPA represents the largest pool of professionals in the healthcare sector with over 1 100 pharmacies, about 2 500 pharmacists and 20 000 supportive healthcare personnel spread across metropolitan, urban and rural South Africa.

The objective of ICPA is single-mindedly to assist members in securing a vibrant and sustainable future as independent, owner-managed pharmacies. With this, gaining or retaining the understanding and recognition by stakeholders and industry players of the role that independents can (and do) play in delivering important healthcare services to the communities that they serve, is imperative.