The list of nominees for election as members of the South African Pharmacy Council (21 Oct 2018-20 Oct 2023) has been published in Board Notice 82 of 2018.

ICPA will send out the names and a short bio of Independent Pharmacy Owners who are current ICPA members and who are standing for election. We urge you to use your votes wisely and support the independent candidates. Remember each pharmacist may vote for up to a maximum of NINE candidates.

Ballot packs will be couriered by 20 June 2018 to the registered courier address of each pharmacist eligible to vote, whose name appeared on the register as at 16:00 on 1 June 2018. The closing date to lodge ballots is Friday 17 August 2018.

Council Members – standing for election for a 2nd term:
MOODLEY, Rajatheran  (Sham) (Chairman ICPA)
MAIMIN, Jacqueline (CEO ICPA)

List of ICPA members who have been nominated for election as new candidates:

ADAMS, Siraaj
AMOD, Shafrudeen
CASSIM, Mehboob Ali (Director ICPA)
DAYA, Rakeshkumar (Rakesh) (Director ICPA)
KYRIACOS, Panajiotaki George (Taki) (Regional Branch Chair – Eastern Cape)
MODIBA, Maropeng Dolleth Doyle (Director ICPA)
RABALI, Tshifhiwa Simon (Tshif)
RAVELE, Johannes Tendani (Joe)

Click here for the full list of candidates

Date: June 14, 2018