Orderwise Contract

ICPA members were cautioned about signing the Orderwise Pharmacy Network Agreement last year. After lengthy consultation with stakeholders including Aspen, we have a revised contract.

ICPA was concerned about several clauses in the previous contract namely;

  • Certain exclusivity clauses
  • Your pharmacy data being sold to “any third party” at the discretion of “the company”
  • The clause which starts – The subscriber hereby sells, cedes, assigns and makes over to the company all the subscriber’s right, title and interest in the ordering data on a continuing basis.
  • Amongst others

ICPA recommends that pharmacy owners never give any company “carte blanche” access and usage of their data. As a pharmacy owner, you MUST know exactly who is receiving what data. To this end, we have added Annexure A to the contract and we recommend that you list who may acquire your data. We have also deleted certain sections where we feel you may be at financial risk or at risk of being in breach of the Agreement.

As agreed with Aspen, this contract when signed and returned to Orderwise will supersede all previous data agreements with Orderwise. Please note that this is merely a recommendation from ICPA – as the “subscriber” pharmacy owners MUST still check all contracts before signing.

Click here for the recommended contract

Date: March 2, 2018