The 2018 Influenza Vaccines are NOW available.

SANOFI PASTEUR have announced that 2018 Vaxigrip® flu vaccine, is now available in South Africa from UTI and all major wholesalers.




Click HERE for Vaxigrip® announcement letter.
The table below gives details of the NAPPI code and SEP. This year Vaxigrip® is available as a single pre-filled vaccine and NOT as a box of 10 vaccines.

ABBOTT EPD has announced that the Influvac ® Subunit 2018 Vaccine is now available.





Click HERE for the Influvac announcement letter.
The table below details the Influvac NAPPI code and SEP.


Campaign Details

The following strains have been recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the 2018 Southern Hemisphere influenza season:

  • an A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09-like virus;
  • an A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016 (H3N2)-like virus; and
  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus


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Click here for a list of medical schemes that pay for the flu vaccination and for the administration of the vaccine.

“If you could do one thing to… help prevent 36,000 deaths, help decrease 200,000 hospitalizations, etc., what would it be? Get a flu shot.” (Sanford Medical Center in Souix Falls, SD)

As part of ICPAs ongoing commitment to improve and protect the health of people in our communities, ICPA urges independent pharmacies participate in this year’s EMPLOYEE VACCINATION CAMPAIGN. The idea is to promote the vaccination of the 2500 pharmacists and 20 000 healthcare support personnel who make up the critical staff of our pharmacies. Vaccination of our staff will improve the health environment within our pharmacies, protecting our staff and our patients from the more virulent and dangerous forms of influenza. In collaboration with Abbott EPD we have secured “Dare to Care” badges for all staff members who have the flu jab – an excellent marketing tool in your pharmacy. We believe that customers, seeing that their trusted pharmacists and pharmacy staff have had the flu jab, will follow the good example we set.

We ask independent pharmacies that would like to take part in this project let the ICPA office know by completing this short form below.

We will then send a short survey which will require a follow-up at the end of the campaign. This will give us statistics on the number of staff we have managed to vaccinate. The participating pharmacies and pharmacies with the highest success rates will be featured on social media platforms and in our Info Flashes.

This campaign can and should be extended to companies around participating pharmacies where ICPA members can encourage “caring” companies to follow suit and encourage their employees to get vaccinated by offering “paid-for vaccinations” as an employee wellness benefit. ICPA will send a Campaign letter to interested pharmacies which can brand the letter and distribute to companies in their area as an outreach project.

ICPA Pharmacies commit to being part of the health solution this year –

It will also be available from our website www.icpa.co.za.
Contact the office if you require any information: denise@icpa.co.za or 021 671 4473.

Date: March 12, 2018