Community Pharmacies and Social Media

There’s something special about the relationship between community pharmacists and their patients. Community pharmacists go the extra mile for their patients, know them by name and take an active interest in their health.

As a result, many pharmacists have overlooked social media, often thinking it isn’t necessary to be active in this space. However, social media is used by many of your customers and offers an excellent means of reaching new customers and building relationships with the community.

Platforms such as Facebook provide a powerful tool for communication. If you have a business page for your pharmacy you can use the page to share general health information, talk about events at your pharmacy, advertise promotions, or discuss the services you offer at your clinic.


Tips for community pharmacies on social media 

1. Share what makes your pharmacy special 

Every pharmacy has a unique personality, and most pharmacies have a specific focus or speciality that separates them from the rest.

2. Meet the team
Introduce your pharmacy owner, pharmacists and key staff through short posts with photos or videos. Tell patients about your work and passion, and why your employees are outstanding and ready to help them.

3. Photos and video

Pictures and videos are by far the most engaging pieces of content shared on every social media platform. Even a short smartphone video showing the inside of your pharmacy and introducing your staff, or a particular service, is enough to give patients a hint of what they might experience in your pharmacy.

4. The local community
Highlight important health-related events happening around you and in your local area. Recognise individuals for their contributions to the community.

5. Offer health tips
Provide information on general health concerns and share information about health awareness days/months.

6. Engage with patients

Social media is about engaging your community to respond to comments and shares in a genuine and authentic way. If the question requires a professional answer, use the opportunity to invite the patient to schedule a consultation with the pharmacist or to visit the clinic.

7. Don’t take patients for granted
Appreciate that patients want to follow your pharmacy on social media. A customer appreciation post will tell patients you appreciate their support.

8. Connect with other businesses
Connecting with local businesses on social media will help you build relationships that can ultimately benefit your pharmacy. Meeting, connecting and following social media pages from other businesses in your community can help you learn new ideas to implement in your pharmacy and increase your chances of gaining new patients.

9. Use Hashtags strategically 
Hashtags make the content of your post accessible to all people with similar interests. When you continually use a hashtag, your brand will be more memorable to people visiting your social media pages. Using hashtags will also help you connect with other like-minded businesses and allow for your patients to start a conversation.

10. Promote your Facebook page everywhere
Tell your customers to follow you on Facebook – promote this in your pharmacy and in SMSes and newsletters you may email to your customers. Advertise your Facebook page to your local community through the use of Facebook ads and post boosts. Target your local community in your boosts.

Date: April 23, 2018